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Zhejiang Sunnic Group Co.,Ltd was established in 1997,which is affiliated to belongs to Zhejiang Shinda Group Co., Ltd., one of the 500 national import and export enterprises. Sunnic was No.2 textile department of Shinda Group, and now is restructured into Sunnic Group. It is invested by Shinda Group, shared by senior managers in Shinda Group. Today, we become a large-sized comprehensive enterprise integrating with industry and trade, mainly focusing on import and export trade and laying equal stress on the multi-industry operation including the real estate investment and chemical industry. Now the company holdings seven companies. In 2008, we won British Lloyd's ISO Quality / Environmental Management System Certification.”

Textile and garment industry is our main operation field. There are three subsidiaries, namely Hangzhou Linghui Garment Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Natural Fur Co., Ltd., and Hangzhou Natural Down Produces Co., Ltd.. Moreover, we has a number of factories which have been established a long-term cooperative relations in terms of spinning, fabrics, knitted and woven garments, cashmere clothing, fur,feather garments and products, bedding and other manufacturing fields, creating an export base with various ranges, diversified products, solid reputation and adequate production capacity. Products are mainly exported to more than 30 countries and regions including Japan, the United States, Russia, Germany, France, Canada, Hong Kong, Denmark and Egypt.
Real-estate industry, our key operation field and based on Weifang Sunnic Real Estate Development Co,. Ltd. as the main body , has successfully developed some exquisite residence area with the unique design, reasonable layout, decoration in a high grade including “Sunnic •WenJin Garden” 、“Sunnic •HuaJin Garden”、 “Sunnic •LiJin Garden”、 “Sunnic •ShengJin Garden”. In 2007, the company was assessed by the Weifang Municipal Committee of Chinese Communist Party as one of Top 10 Enterprises in the Service Industry.
Chemical industry is specially developed by us. We wholly invested Hangzhou Yousheng Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.,  which invests and holds major part of shares of Shanghai Sunheat Chemicals Co., Ltd. and Heibei Cangzhou Xinlian Chemicals Co., Ltd., integrating the study, production and marketing of chemical products  and building the marketing center and the research, development and production foundation together with manufacturing and trade. It mainly produces highly purified electric chemicals, The main production operation product has the high pure electronic chemical, pharmaceutical intermediates and food additives. Apart from domestically marketing, we mainly exports to international markets like Southeast Asia, Europe, South America.
We will continue to progress and innovate, and constantly improve the product quality, create our own brand, enabling the Group to blaze in the new trail of paying attention to professionalism, brand and multi-elements.



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